Personal websites of Harvard Psych Grad Students & Postdocs

Personal websites of Harvard Psych Grad Students & Postdocs

Data below were collected by asking the department’s administrator for a list of grad students and postdocs during the 2018-2019 academic year. Someone was classified as having a website if:

  • Googling “[first name] [last name] harvard psychology” resulted in a website appearing in the first page of results OR
  • A personal website is linked to on the person’s Google Scholar page OR
  • A personal website is linked to on the primary advisor’s lab page

It’s possible that some people have personal websites that don’t appear via any of the three methods listed above. But if these websites are that buried and hard to find, they may as well not exist.

Websites as a function of year

Websites as a function of advisor

advisor number of advisees (grad and postdoc) number with website percentage
Konkle 6 6 1.00
Nakayama 1 1 1.00
Gershman 6 5 0.83
Alvarez 4 3 0.75
Banaji 4 3 0.75
Caramazza 4 3 0.75
Gilbert 4 3 0.75
Cushman 8 5 0.62
Carey 5 3 0.60
Cikara 7 4 0.57
Spelke 7 4 0.57
Mitchell 2 1 0.50
Pinker 2 1 0.50
McLaughlin 5 2 0.40
Schacter 5 2 0.40
Greene 7 2 0.29
Weisz 7 2 0.29
Somerville 4 1 0.25
Langer 5 1 0.20
McNally 6 1 0.17
Snedeker 6 1 0.17
Buckholtz 1 0 0.00
Buckner 6 0 0.00
Hooley 3 0 0.00
Krasnow 1 0 0.00
Nock 11 0 0.00
Sidanius 4 0 0.00

Websites of Harvard grad students and postdocs

name year url
Akbiyik, Seda G1
Bryce, Nessa G1
Cetron, Joshua G1
Janini, Daniel G2
Leahy, Brian G2
Woo, Brandon G2
Charlesworth, Tessa G3
Jones, Payton G3
Mastroianni, Adam G3
Chang, Linda G4
DeFreitas, Julian G4
Josephs, Emilie G4
Morris, Adam G4
Plunkett, Dillon G4
Tarhan, Leyla G4
Taylor, Johnmark G4
Carpenter, Alexis G5
Dorfman, Hayley G5
Kurdi, Benedek G5
Lau, Tatiana G5
Liu, Shari G5
Ngnoumen, Christelle G5
Ziegler, Jayden G5
Cao, Jack G6
Insel, Catherine G6
Magri, Caterina G6
Nizzi, Marie Christine G6
Patzelt, Edward G6
Strong, Roger G6
Aravind, Athulya Postdoc
Bear, Adam Postdoc
Bhui , Rahul Postdoc
Brashier, Nadia Postdoc
Chen, Yi-Chia Postdoc
Choi, You Jung Postdoc
Cooney, Gus Postdoc
Edwards, Grace Postdoc
Evans, Spencer Postdoc
Ferrigno, Stephen Postdoc
Flournoy, John Postdoc
Franklin, Nicholas Postdoc
Kleiman-Weiner, Max Postdoc
Kominsky, Jonathan Postdoc
Kool, Wouter Postdoc
Kotler, Jennifer Postdoc
Levari, David Postdoc
Levine, Sydney Postdoc
Park, Jeongho Postdoc
Patil, Indrajeet Postdoc
Price, Maggi Postdoc
Schubert, Teresa Postdoc
Schulz, Eric Postdoc
Sievers, Beau Postdoc
Thomas, Ashley Postdoc
Jack Cao
Quantitative Researcher